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Dr Kohout is more than just a surgeon, he’s a caring professional. Here you can get great industry insights and advice plus view video footage of actual plastic surgeries performed by Dr Kohout.

The Biggest Loser

Dr Kohout helps contestants finish their weight loss journey.

Adro Sarnelli

The original biggest loser & his excess skin removal

Michelle Lozanovski

Winner of series 3 & Dr Kohout Patient

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A Complete Range of Plastic Surgery Procedures by Dr Mark Kohout

Cosmetic surgery can be significant in improving self-esteem and confidence. While often not imperative to physical health, our clients report that after a procedure they feel more enjoyment in many aspects of their lives. From less self-consciousness in social and work situations, to better relationships with their spouse or partner.

Experience and expertise to ensure satisfaction

Dr Mark Kohout has almost 20 years of experience helping people with plastic surgery. He has a wealth of experience from prestigious fellowships in Great Britain and Harvard Medical School. His practice has become renowned across Sydney for providing a wide range of specialty surgeries, including Labiaplasty, gynecomastia, and many more procedures designed to improve quality of life.

Dr Kohout has successfully treated hundreds of patients and is dedicated to maintaining his impeccable reputation. His high standards of work exceed regulations, giving every patient the peace-of-mind of knowing they are in safe hands.

A wide selection of services

In addition to his surgery specialties, Dr Kohout offers a range of non-surgical procedures, ideal for busy people to achieve great results in a limited amount of time. These “lunchtime procedures” include dermal fillers, facial peels, laser skin resurfacing, permanent fillers and wrinkle treatments. They require minimal recovery time, with most patients able to return to work and get on with their day one complete.

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To discover more about how Dr Mark Kohout can make a positive change in your life. Pick up the phone and call us on 1300 551 151 and speak with our team. We will be happy to answer your questions and book an appointment for a consultation.

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