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Banish flabby arms

Mark Kohout - Saturday, April 14, 2012

They’re admirably known by many names; tuckshop lady arms, cherrio arms, batwing arms or as Kath & Kim notoriously call them, “fadoobadas”. Either way, the unsightly ‘flap’ can take away from a gorgeous womanly look, especially when she’s rocking a strappy dress come Spring time.

Thankfully, there are ways that women can improve the overall appearance of their “fadoobadas” including healthy diet, weight bearing, and simple surgery to remove excess fat.

Arm reduction surgery, or technically known as Brachioplasty is a combination of an arm lift and arm liposuction which effectively removes excess skin and fat around the triceps muscle. Firm skinned men and woman with dispropoportionate sized arms are ideal candidates, as are those with loose upper arm skin, commonly seen in men and woman 40 plus. The third ideal patient is a man or a woman who has had dramatic weight loss and is looking to achieve a more svelte shape.

I realise that not all women can look as fit and taught as Madonna or Michelle Obama. Loose skin can cause chafing and the unsightly bulge doesn’t do much to compliment this season’s new strappy trends, which is why more and more women are opting for this simple day surgery.

In younger women, disproportionate sized upper arms means you face wardrobe restrictions. Their skin is good and firm; however their upper arm is not proportionally sized to the rest of their body. A tiny 5mm incision placed discretely in the arm pit crease (which will soon become virtually invisible) is made and the excess fat is removed. The patient will usually have no more than one day’s worth of downtime.

The second is the middle aged person (40 plus), both male and female, who are starting to show signs of advancing age and opt for arm surgery as they want to turn back the clock a few years. These patients generally have a combination of moderate thickening of tissue in the upper arm and moderately loose skin. A small incision is placed under the arm and depending on the extent of the incisions, the patient may need a few days rest following surgery.

For the patient who has lost a significant amount of weight and is looking to achieve a svelte shape is an ideal candidate for Brachioplasty, as major weight loss has resulted in the stretching of the skin. This procedure requires an incision down the inside of the arm from the arm pit to the elbow. The hairline car is a small price to pay for a thinner, contoured look – meaning the patient can now wear a t-shirt, dress or strapless number in time for summer after a week’s recovery.

Arm reduction surgery fees start from $6,900 which assumes the patient has top hospital cover with a private health fund.

Mark Kohout
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