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Vaginoplasty & Labioplasty in 2016

Mark Kohout - Sunday, March 24, 2013
Female Genital SurgeryGenital surgery is gaining popularity and on the rise.  There is still some confusion though about the different types of genital surgery available.  What exactly are they, what do they achieve, when are they requested and performed?

This is the commonest genital procedure.  Judging from Medicare data available, this procedure has increased approximately 5-fold over the past 5 years.

The exact cause for this rise is not known but several theories have been proposed:  the greater awareness of the existence of labioplasty surgery and the greater public discussion/ debate around it almost certainly contribute to it.  

The commonest reasons for requesting labioplasty are functional:  discomfort during physical activity, such as bike-riding, horse-riding, running and sexual intercourse.  Cosmetic concerns are less common but no less important: often there is concern about the physical appearance of the labia if they protrude beyond the outer labia.  Asymmetry is quite common as are extra skin folds between the outer and inner labia.  The skin that protrudes beyond the confines of the outer labia has a dark, rough corrugated texture that many women feel self-conscious about.  

Many women cite labial appearance as an important factor in decreased self-esteem.
Labioplasty is an operation that reduces the length and width of the inner labia.  It can improve the size discrepancy between the two sides and remove extraneous folds between the inner and outer labia.  Labioplasty also tightens the vaginal opening  (though not the actual vagina).  It makes the labia , and the whole vulva “neater looking”.  

The operation is performed in a day surgery either under general anaesthetic or sedation.  It takes about 70 minutes to complete and you can count on 5 days downtime and 6 weeks abstinence from intercourse.  In a recent survey of over a hundred of my patients, the satisfaction with results was rated as very good or excellent in 92%. To learn more about this procedure please follow my blog.

Infographic Dr. Kohout

Vaginoplasty refers to the internal tightening of the vagina.  

The request for this operation come mainly from women who have had children by natural delivery.  Many tell me of a concern that intercourse is not as satisfying as it once was, due to decreased stimulation for themselves and their partner.

Vaginoplasty is a day-surgery operation that reduces the loose lining of the vagina and tighten up the internal muscle wall. It results in a tighter feel and more stimulation for both partners.  The operation can be done either under general anaesthetic or sedation and apart from a 6 week abstinence, is well tolerated.

Again, the satisfaction rates from this operation is very high and most women have said: “I wish I had this done years ago.”

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