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Australian Men Flock to Surgeon’s Knife

Mark Kohout - Saturday, August 31, 2013

More and more Aussie men are opting to go under the plastic surgeon’s knife. At 13, Johnny Rahme had his first procedure, a nose job. “Everyone used to tease me at school, and being Lebanese, it was even harder going to an all Australian school,” he said. Now at 39, Rahme has had five nose procedures and two ear lifts. This is just one of many similar cases throughout Australia, where men are becoming far more image conscious, seeking out such invasive treatments such as calf implants and abdominal sculpting. While young women are known to be the group most susceptible to body image problems, researchers such as psychologist Julie Malone, have seen that young men are increasingly at risk. She warned that boys as young as seven are becoming prone to distorted views on their own bodies and what masculinity looks like due to an increase in unrealistic images presented to them through the media.


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