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Beauty Advice From a Crash Survivor

Mark Kohout - Sunday, November 03, 2013

Crash victim, Antonia Mariconda has created a website to educate others about beauty, the

While in her early 20s, Mariconda was in a serious car crash and had to undergo reconstructive surgery on the lower part of her face. Due to the skill of her surgeon, she was able to win back her smile and confidence, which was particularly important at that age.

Since that time, Mariconda has been fascinated by the body and beauty and began writing about the subject around 15 years ago.

In that time, she was an interned at CNN and worked in the beauty industry to further her knowledge of aesthetics. She has also written a range of books on breast implants, acne and cosmetic surgery and runs a consultancy that advises people on how to make safe improvements to their appearance. While she doesn't claim to provide medical advice, she hopes her work can help people to save hundreds of hours of research and make better decisions.

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