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Body Contouring Improves Weight Control Following Gastric Bypass

Mark Kohout - Friday, November 08, 2013

Body contouring can help patients control their weight long-term following gastric bypass surgery, according to

Swiss Researchers compared the weight outcomes of 98 gastric bypass patients who underwent body contouring against 102 patients who did not undergo body contouring.

Within 24 months of surgery, patients had lost an average of almost 100 pounds. Patients who had undergone body contouring regained around one pound per year, while the non-contouring group gained four pounds per year.

After seven years, the patients who had undertaken body contouring weighed on average 176 pounds. Those who had gastric bypass surgery alone weighed on average 220 pounds. The average weight of participants in both groups prior to surgery was 275 pounds.

After factoring in the weight of excess skin removed, the body contouring group gained 14 pounds while those who went without the procedure gained 50 pounds.

Patients interested in long term weight control are advised to consider body contouring as part of their treatment plan.

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