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Botox on the Rise

Mark Kohout - Saturday, August 31, 2013
According to recent research conducted in the United States, young people using wrinkle reducing treatments, such as Botox, has risen as much as 10% in the past year. However, this trend is far greater in Australia, where 28% of all non-surgical cosmetic procedures were reported as Botox or other wrinkle reducing treatments. Dr Susan Austin said that patients as young as seventeen are requesting these treatments in Australia, far younger than in many other Western countries. “We’re prone to looking much older than our international counterparts, I estimate about fifteen years older,” she told The Australian. Nevertheless, professionals are urging prospective clients to consider alternatives to these treatments. Quitting smoking, exercising and losing weight are all viable alternatives that can have far more health benefits down the road than treatments like Botox can offer. Repeated use of Botox treatments can lead to a gradual immunity in patients, dulling the potential results. Furthermore, improper use of Botox can lead to serious complications and side effects due to the active ingredient of the treatment, Botulinium toxin type A, which may potentially poison the body.
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