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Botox Treatments Still Popular

Mark Kohout - Thursday, August 29, 2013
According to Denver based plastic surgeon, Dr Andrew Wolfe, Botox treatments remain as popular as ever despite the rise of numerous alternative treatments. Although widely known, Botox exists in a crowded marketplace that is constantly reinventing itself as patients look for newer and more lasting results. Dr Wolfe has noticed that the number of patients requesting Botox has remained high over the years. He believes this is due to the popularity of Botox, whereby those that have had success with the treatment often recommend it to their friends and family, and the low cost of Botox treatments compared with alternative procedures. Essentially, Botox is injected into the body at various points to help relax facial muscles, leading to a decrease in visible lines and wrinkles. Studies have also shown that repeated Botox treatments stretched over a longer period of time can prevent the formation of wrinkles and mitigate many apparent signs of aging around the mouth, eyes and forehead.
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