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Breast Augmentation with lift For Post-Baby Breasts

Mark Kohout - Saturday, April 14, 2012

 Breast Augmentation with Boob Lift For Post-Baby Breasts

Nothing brings more joy to a Mum’s life than her new baby. Becoming a mother brings many changes to a woman’s body, including her breasts. Having a baby and breast feeding can cause a woman’s breasts to deflate and lose their overall youthful shape, often referred to as breast droop. Breast feeding softens and lengthens the ligaments and tissue in the breasts, causing them to flatten and sag. RESCU’s Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kohout, offers solutions for proud Mums to help them recapture the natural fullness and firmness of their breasts. There are many solutions and options on the market, surgical and non-surgical, permanent and semi permanent. Here are a few; Breasts can naturally lose tissue volume during pregnancy to make breasts out of proportion with the rest of the body.

Mums looking for a temporary fix to breast deflation have recently turned to Macrolane. Not yet available in Australia, Macrolane is a clear gel that is injected directly into the breasts. The gel contains hyaluronic acid- a natural component of the skin. Once injected, hyaluronic acid binds to water, which creates volume. The results of Macrolane are instant, creating fuller breasts and adding up to one cup size. The effects of Macrolane last for 18 months until the gel is completely broken down by the body, with breasts returning to their post-baby state. Breast augmentation is one of the most common aesthetic surgical procedures and involves the insertion of implants. Implants are placed under the breast tissue or chest muscle, which increases the size and overall fullness of the breasts.


Various shapes and sizes can be selected by you and your surgeon for the optimal look and feel. Mums can return home the day of their procedure, but should avoid serious physical activity for 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. Breasts will continue to heal for several weeks, revealing the true difference that breast augmentation can make. The most permanent and effective procedure to fix breast droop is Mastopexy surgery, also known as a breast lift(4 types). Mastopexy is ideal for Mums who are happy with their breast size, but unhappy with the current shape of their breasts. Mastopexy is a permanent surgical procedure that corrects breasts that are drooping and lacking firmness, and can also fix nipples and areolas that are pointing downwards. During the Mastopexy surgery with Dr. Mark Kohout, the nipples are lifted and repositioned and the excess, loose skin on the breast is removed. This causes the breasts to sit in a higher position and gives the breasts a higher, fuller and youthful contour. Many Mums will return to their normal daily activities two weeks after the surgery. Some scaring is evident, but is placed discreetly and fades over time. In some instances, the breast lift is combined with implants to correct both the droop and the loss of volume. All Mums should wait 12 months after delivery and/or conclusion of breast feeding if selecting either of these treatments, as this allows breasts to adjust back to their natural state. A Breast lift Cost can start from $6900 and breast implants can start from $9900. It is unknown when Macrolane will be approved for use in Australia.

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