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Breast implants: tips for preparation and recovery

Mark Kohout - Sunday, December 08, 2013

Before undergoing a breast augmentation, there are several steps that can be taken to ease the lengthy and painful recovery process.

Plastic surgeon Dr Jason Pozner recommended placing frequently used items where they are easily accessible. Clothing that does not require your arms above the head is ideal.

Dr Pozner says that a patient must remain upright for three days following the surgery to reduce swelling. Wedge pillows and side pillows are useful for maintaining the recommended 45 degree angle. Arnica Montana (herbal cream) also aids in the reduction of bruising and swelling, as do ice packs.

When showering, a soft wash cloth and antibacterial soap with shea or coco butter lotion afterwards. Driving and dog walking are also not permitted during recovery.

Before surgery, prepare lots of food to avoid cooking after the procedure. Constipation may become an issue so stay hydrated and have a sufficient fibre intake. Bendy straws make drinking much easier. Be advised that the mixture of medications may also cause nausea so sick buckets are great item to keep handy.

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