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Breast Surgery is Still Best

Mark Kohout - Tuesday, October 01, 2013
Self-esteem can dictate a lifestyle – if a person has little or no confidence, it affects every area of their life. This is why breast augmentation has continued to be the most popular elective surgery in America since 2006. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons said that 90% of patients post-op report an increase in self-esteem, which reportedly carries through to their sex life.  Modern advances in the manufacture of silicone mean implants are now available in a huge variety of shapes so every women is guaranteed to find a breast-shape that suits. Recovery time can be as little as three days, with the majority of patients returning back to work in under a week. Implants must be FDA approved, meaning use only silicone gel or saline based products. Both have been proven to not harm the patient if ruptured. Saline is absorbed into the blood while gel implants can’t leak because of the design. Even though the implants won’t span an entire life, the decades they do last will be the best. [Source]
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