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Mark Kohout - Saturday, August 24, 2013
Miles Berry, an expert on breast surgery and recent author of The Good Boob Bible, has recently gone on record to answer questions from women about the dangers, expectations, and misconceptions of breast augmentation or enhancement surgeries. Some of the questions fielded include: Should we embrace our natural breasts before surgery? Berry stressed that loving what you have is important but, like all decisions impacting physical attributes, it is an intensely personal and private decision. Breasts can have a large impact on a woman’s identity and how she perceives herself and how she is perceived by others. How safe is breast surgery? Breast surgery is extremely safe and over fifty years of continuous refinement has made it one of the most understood and least complicated cosmetic procedures. What is the ideal breast size? The smaller the implant, the better -- at least in the long run. Large implants can damage the muscles surrounding the breasts and as skin elasticity decreases with age, larger implants can leave the patient feeling very uncomfortable.
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