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“Courage Couture” Lingerie Designed for After the Mastectomy

Mark Kohout - Friday, August 16, 2013
A new line of lingerie and swimwear is helping women look and feel good after a mastectomy. The Courage Couture range is the brainchild of New York plastic surgeon Dr Sharon T McLaughlin-Weber. It features two intimate sleepwear bras and one bikini top. They are designed to hold prosthetics of various weights and to hide scarring. The pieces are adjustable so that a woman can choose how much cleavage to show. Dr McLaughlin-Weber’s hope is to see the bikini top on a Sports Illustrated model who has had a mastectomy. The range is also aimed at women who may have uneven breasts from birth or through surgery.  Dr McLaughlin-Weber underwent reconstructive surgery herself after a lymphoma diagnosis at 13. The line’s website points out that although a woman’s breasts may have changed, the rest of her body is the same as every other woman’s. A woman with a mastectomy can be just as sexy as every other woman, said Dr McLaughlin-Weber.
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