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Mark Kohout - Monday, December 23, 2013

Individuals undergoing cosmetic procedures typically expect a high level of care both in and outside of the operating theatre. A trend is developing where plastic and cosmetic surgery practices offer "concierge services" to patients. These extras often include hotel arrangements, transportation, pampering, nutrition services and extended post - op care.

Wendy Lewis, operator of cosmetic procedure counselling service, The Knife Coach, insists that doctors have realised that the services they provide need to be more personalised in order to differentiate between themselves and other practitioners.

Concierge services are particularly convenient for patients who opt to undergo surgery by doctors in other regions in order to ensure privacy. Dr Sam Rizk, M.D, FACS, of Manhattan said that 40% of his clientele come from abroad. Dr Rizk provides a list of local hotels and services for his patients on his website. His practice also includes extended post - op visits to patients' hotel suites.

Some doctors now have arrangements with hotels which offer discounts to patients who require spaces to recover after surgery. These services are said to be particularly appealing to high-profile clients who require extra precautions to guarantee privacy.

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