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Demi to Jen: Going Under the Knife

Mark Kohout - Friday, August 23, 2013
At 44, former Friends star Jennifer Aniston is constantly held up as a model for mature female beauty. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped Aniston’s friend and fellow actress, Demi Moore, from expressing her opinions about the star’s physique. Apparently, Moore commented that Anniston should consider plastic surgery on her legs. On the set of her latest film, Squirrels to the Nuts, Anniston was interviewed about how she maintains her looks up. Citing eating right and exercise, Aniston seemed unable to please everyone with her good looks. According to a source, Aniston has always liked Moore because she is not afraid to voice her opinion. However, Aniston was displeased with Moore’s remarks concerning her appearance. Moore reportedly said that Aniston needed to get her knees done, and even gave Aniston the number for a plastic surgeon. Aniston’s future husband, Justin Theroux, released a statement saying that he believes his fiancé is perfect just the way she is. He also slammed Moore, indicating that perhaps Anniston needs to pick better friends, rather than picking plastic surgery.
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