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Drastic Measures to Keep a Job

Mark Kohout - Thursday, October 10, 2013
Fierce competition in the workplace is causing many older executives to take drastic measures – and lying about their age is the least of it. Working 40 plus hours per week can quickly take a toll, especially as a person ages. Recent research statistics have found that over one third of women aged over 45 have been faced with age discrimination. To counter this problem, many women have been forced to lie about their age on job applications, undergo cosmetic procedures such as dermal filler injections, botox or laser treatments. Some women choosing to go under the knife in order to appear more youthful. Surgeon Angelo Tsirbas said that most patients are in their early 40’s and just want look the age they feel, instead of being perceived as ten years older than they are. “They'll come to me and say that they are in peak form but are being accused of being uninterested in work, or that they've lost their drive.” Tsirbas said that the majority of women simply want to shave a few years of their face, not to turn back time. [Source]
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