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Eight ways to Build a Better Rapport with your Patients

Mark Kohout - Thursday, September 26, 2013
No matter how great a surgical technical skills are, if they are unable to connect with their patients it will have a negative impact upon their practice. Below are some tips to help you improve your bedside manner:
  1. Make sure you know about the patient, the more details the better. Make sure to get a brief from your personal assistant before the appointment.
  2. Always apologise for any delays.
  3. Be friendly without being overbearing, looking a person in the eyes whilst shaking their hand conveys honesty and warmth.
  4. Personal appearance matters. Keep a supply of fresh, ironed shirts and always take time to freshen up if coming from surgery.
  5. Be precise about the options and why you think one particular alternative is best. Convey assurance, not cockiness.
  6. Ask for permission to examine the patient and explain how the procedure will proceed.
  7. Ensure the patient has no questions or fears and make sure they know how to contact you if anything arises pre-surgery.
  8. Finish up by taking the patient back to your PA to book surgery and information on fees.
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