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Fewer Scars with Today’s Breast Reduction

Mark Kohout - Thursday, August 22, 2013
Oversized breasts cause a number of problems for women, according to cosmetic surgeon, Dr Mark Kohout. Their weight can cause round-shouldered, back and neck pain and strain, and even chronic headaches. Finding clothes that fit can also be difficult. Even hygiene can become an issue as sweating and rubbing cause rashes under the breast. Not all the problems are physical, either. Young women especially can find it distressing to attract lewd comments and attention from men. Sometimes the only answer is breast reduction surgery. Surgery does have inherent risks such as scarring, decreased nipple sensation and a reduced ability to breastfeed. However, Dr Kohout said new techniques are improving the outcomes. Liposuction is allowing women to preserve sensation and breastfeeding ability with virtually no scars. A ‘lollipop’ or vertical scar method provides a lift as well as reduction. A third method eliminates the vertical scar. As a result, women are now better able to contemplate breast reduction without the associated concerns of scarring, breastfeeding and lost sensation.
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