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For Facial Surgery, a Light Touch is Best

Mark Kohout - Wednesday, August 28, 2013
According to Dr Richard Rival, a Toronto based plastic surgeon, any procedure on the face should be viewed through a lens of ‘less is more’. With facial procedures growing in popularity, procedures such as Botox injections or face lifts to eliminate wrinkles or skin folds, should be used sparingly. Rival urged his patients and prospective clients considering facial surgery, to adopt a more long term goal. Large surgical procedures done in a relatively short span of time can lead to complications and can also compromise one’s natural beauty. Furthermore, numerous procedures done in the short term can cause a drastic change in appearance and highlight the surgery, rather than the face. Those considering facial surgery should opt for less invasive procedures. Unlike plastic surgery on other parts of the body, problems with facial surgery are readily apparent and can be very difficult to correct. Patients should pace themselves and view facial surgery as more of a way to maintain your appearance, rather than drastically alter it.
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