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Four Big Plastic Surgery Mistakes

Mark Kohout - Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Australian plastic surgeon Dr Mark Kohout, listed four mistakes he sees cosmetic surgery patients make: Overseas Surgeons Results from surgery in places like Thailand and the Middle East can be poor, said Dr Kohout. Consultations are short, language barriers can prevent the surgeon understanding the outcome and the patient typically has no recourse if they do not like the result. Know Your Surgeon There is a difference between plastic and cosmetic surgeons. Plastic surgeons have one to four years training as surgeons, plus a further five as plastic surgeons. Cosmetic surgeons may have no formal surgical training. Despite being much less qualified, they charge as much or even more than a plastic surgeon.   Unrealistic Expectations Don’t expect miracles, you’re probably not going to look like model of the cover of Vogue. Also understand that scars can be minimised or hidden, but are not completely avoidable. Failing to Rest Cosmetic surgery is surgery. Allow a week to recover to avoid postoperative problems like bleeding or broken stitches.
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