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Give Me a Brow Lift, Doc - Men Want Plastic Surgery

Mark Kohout - Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Men are increasingly opting for cosmetic surgery in Australia as society places a greater emphasis on physical appearance. Brow lifts are among the most popular procedures for male patients at the Launceston Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Unit. Surprisingly, the benefit is not all cosmetic. Men were ‘astounded’ at how much more awake they felt afterwards due to a better field of vision, according to surgeon Dr Gary Kode. Dr Kode said the procedure was important for men who needed to stay alert and have good peripheral vision, such as truck drivers. Other popular cosmetic surgeries for young Australian men included fake six packs, which are created by surgeons using liposuction to shape the skin and fat, calf muscle implants, facelifts and nose jobs. Dr Kode said that ideally, appearances should not matter. However, he said, it is better to think of cosmetic improvements as pride rather than vanity. To feel good about how you look is incredibly empowering, he said.
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