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Happiness can be Found with a Breast Reduction

Mark Kohout - Monday, September 30, 2013
Statistics based on the results of a questionnaire have backed what plastic surgeons have said for years, breast reduction surgery improves the patient’s quality of life. But what they didn’t know was to what extent. Breast-Q was developed by researchers from Ohio State University’s at the Wexner Medical Centre. They focused on designing a surgery outcome survey that meets the guidelines for both international and federal standards, to measure the benefits of breast reductions. Dr Michelle Coriddi said four key life areas were rated before and after the surgery on a scale of 100 and the results were astounding. Most patients reported major increases in all areas: physical, sexual and psychosocial well-being all increased from around 40 to 80 points, while happiness with breast appearance jumped from 20 to 80 points. Dr Coriddi said patients were seeking, “improvement in physical activity, decrease in costly chronic medical complaints and improvement in overall quality of life.” [Source]
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