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High Blood Sugar Levels Heighten Risk of Complications From Surgery

Mark Kohout - Friday, November 08, 2013

High blood sugar levels raise the risk of wound complications after surgery, according to

The study has led to calls for stricter glucose control by diabetics, with sufferers more than three times at risk of complications.

A recent study looked at the relationship between blood glucose levels and wound complications in 79 patients. Patients were tested five days before and after surgery and those with blood glucose levels above 200 were categorised in the high range.

Of those who had high glucose levels before surgery, 44% of those patients suffered wound dehiscence, compared to 19% of those with no sign of preoperative hyperglycemia. In addition, the risk of dehiscence was higher among patients with high blood glucose levels following surgery.

Patients with strong swings in blood glucose levels were around four times more likely to need further surgery.

Diabetic patients in need of surgery are advised to more tightly control their glycemic index in order to reduce their risk of surgical complications.

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