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How Much Plastic Surgery Has Reality Contestant Had?

Mark Kohout - Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A season five reunion of Real Housewife of New Jersey has focused on the plastic surgery exploits of one of its stars, according to

During the show, host Andy Cohen quizzed Jacqueline Laurita about the plastic surgery she had undergone.

Asked to list the procedures, Laurita replied that she had had a boob job, tummy tuck and work done on her nose. She'd also had surgery on her nose and the rest was non surgical procedures such as botox and fillers. She referred to these as the fun stuff.

After asking the other guests whether they'd had as much surgery as Laurita, they all shook their heads to say no.

Laurita then laughed and said "Okay, I win!"

When a viewer asked Caroline if she thought the plastic surgery was a way of Laurita coping with the difficulties she'd gone through, particularly with her son's autism, Caroline was defiant.

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