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How to choose the right breast implants

Mark Kohout - Friday, December 13, 2013

When one decides to undergo breast augmentation, it is important that informed decisions about the surgery are made.

Implants are available in two shapes. There is the round or teardrop. Round is the most popular choice as it is less likely to shift in the body. Implants can be made from either silicone or saline. Silicone is softer and imitates real breast tissue more accurately and is available for patients over 22 years of age. Saline is firmer and may be used on patients over 18.

You can choose the silhouette, or how the implants sit on the body. Different implants have different surface textures to ensure the implant stays in place.

A number of cup sizes are available, however it is advised that you choose a size which sits comfortably on your body.

There are also several different entry points for the implants. It depends on the surgeon, the implant type and the patient's body. There is also the option to have the implant placed over or under the chest muscle.

For some women, a lift in addition to implants is preferable. For others, tuberous breasts or size of the areola are important factors to be discussed with the physician.

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