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Know Your Options for Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

Mark Kohout - Monday, August 26, 2013
Women choose to undergo breast augmentation revision surgery for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the reason can be as simple as a woman deciding that her previous implants were either too big or too small. At other times, there can be more practical or non aesthetic reasons for the revision. An implant may be in the wrong position or it may have deflated or even ruptured. Scar tissue or biological changes in the breast are two causes for these complications, which can distort the implant and necessitate a follow-up surgery. A patient will also have to decide whether they would prefer saline or silicone implants and also what size or shape want the implants to be. Another reason people choose to have revision surgery is because of advancements in implant technology, which can often prompt a woman to reconsider her previous choice. To make the decisions easier, some practices offer 3D simulation tools that constructs a digital representation of the patient with the proposed implants.
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