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Lisa Kudrow Reveals How Plastic Surgery Changed Her Life

Mark Kohout - Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Lisa Kudrow, star of TV series Friends, has revealed that she had a nose job at 16 years of age. Kudrow described feeling ugly before undergoing the surgery.

Now 50, Kudrow is speaking for the first time about her cosmetic procedure which she had done just before starting a new high school where no one knew what she had previously looked like.

The actress claims the surgery was 'life altering' and that her decision went beyond purely cosmetic reasons, citing the anti - Semitism she suffered whilst growing up in California as a deciding factor.

Kudrow admits the she had no initial desire to take up acting and worked for her father, a doctor, for several years. However, after going to an improv class, also attended by a young Conan O'Brien, she was hooked.

Kudrow says that people still identify her as 'Phoebe', her character on the long running series despite the fact it having ended over a decade ago. She has also starred in Web Therapy and Scandal.

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