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Men are fans of non-surgical fat removal

Mark Kohout - Saturday, December 07, 2013

CoolSculpting, or cryolipolisis, is a cosmetic procedure that freezes away fat. Surprisingly it is mostly men who are undergoing this treatment.

Dr Grant Stevens, plastic surgeon from Los Angeles, California, has used the technique since 2009 and claims that 52% of his patients are men. Dr Stevens conducted a study on over 500 of his CoolSculpting patients. He found that 67% of these patients had never been to the practice and 62% had never had any cosmetic procedures. This indicated that many people who had never considered a procedure were opting for the non - surgical technique.

Plastic surgeon Dr John Gross said that there was a market for minor sculpting for people that could not afford the time required for post - op recovery. Dr Gross said that the best areas for the treatment are those that can be pulled or vacuumed into the apparatus, including the bra roll, thighs and fat deposits over the knee.

The technology works by freezing fat cells which eventually kills them before being naturally process by the body. Results are expected after approximately three months.

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