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Plastic Surgery Removes How Many Years?

Mark Kohout - Saturday, August 24, 2013
The booming plastic surgery industry certainly isn’t lacking for customers. Nevertheless, with a recent influx of new clients and patients, experts are hoping to shed some light on their practice to better educate newcomers on what results they can anticipate. A recent study appearing in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery claimed that, at the most, recipients of plastic surgery will only look three years younger as a result of going under the knife. According to Manhattan based plastic surgeon and a co-author of the study, Dr A. Joshua Zimm, it is common for plastic surgeons to tell their patients that they will look more refreshed and less tired rather than telling a patient that they will look X amount of years younger. . The goal of the study was to provide prospective patients with better guidelines and more realistic expectations for what plastic surgery can deliver. The researchers found that after a patient underwent a plastic surgery procedure they on average looked three years younger. Researchers are hoping that this will cause prospective clients to temper their expectations about surgery.
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