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Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction

Mark Kohout - Monday, December 09, 2013

After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Tamarin Lindenberg underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment. It was then discovered that Tamarin also had the BRCA gene mutation, which meant an 86% risk of developing breast cancer. Tamarin opted for a double mastectomy and then sought the right surgeon to perform the reconstructive procedure.

During this process, Tamarin formed CALIEB, an organisation that assists women who desire reconstructive plastic surgery after cancer treatment. Tamarin believes a woman's appearance is important for her emotional recovery.

Tamarin recommended seeking out a surgeon who focuses their practice on reconstruction since the procedure also involves the removal of tissue. She also suggested becoming familiar with the process, potential outcomes and terminology associated with reconstructive surgery.

Plastic surgeon, Dr G Patrick Maxwell, said that it is important to choose the correct technique for each patient. Dr Maxwell noted that the collaboration between breast and plastic surgeons has meant advancement and results are said to rival breast augmentation.

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