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Sculpting the Body After Weight Loss

Mark Kohout - Thursday, August 29, 2013
Weight loss can have many benefits but according to Dr Andrew Goldberg of Arlington, Virginia, it can also leave unsightly folds of excess skin and stretch marks behind. Dr Goldberg recommended body sculpting, a procedure that will remove the remnants of one’s past weight and enable patients to fully realise the results they’ve worked towards. For the midsection, Dr Goldberg advised patients to undergo a tummy tuck, a surgical procedure that cuts away excessive skin and cellulite and draws the remaining tissue taught. This also helps reduce sagging around the buttocks. The upper arms and breasts are also very susceptible to sagging and excess skin post-weight loss. Removing hanging or drooping skin around the upper arms and shoulders is an easy process that will noticeably improve your appearance. Breast augmentation can do the same for women who may feel ashamed of their breasts appearance. Dr Goldberg said his patients are often very satisfied with the results of these procedures and that such treatments are often the most rewarding for him professionally.
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