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Speculation Christina Aguilera Has Undergone Plastic Surgery

Mark Kohout - Saturday, November 02, 2013

There is speculation that pop singer, Christina Aguilera has undergone plastic surgery after she rapidly lost nearly 40kg.

According to the IBTimes, the 32-year-old looked noticeably overweight during season 3 of The Voice but returned to season 5 looking svelte.

Doctors have speculated she may have had a breast lift as her bust was perfectly proportional, which doesn't often happen quickly during natural weight loss.

Plastic Surgeon, Dr Lance Wyatt said it's likely Aguilera had a tummy tuck or liposuction. Although her face is slimmer, this could be due to aggressive dieting, exercise, pills and other natural means.

Aguilera said her priority now is her family rather than working out.

In a recent interview she said that if she had to choose between spending time with her son after a day at work or going to the gym, the decision wasn't even close.

However, a friend said she has avoided eating out recently as part of a bid to lose weight.

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