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Stem Cells Transforming Medicine

Mark Kohout - Sunday, November 03, 2013

Stem cells could transform reconstructive surgery, according to Ash Mosahebi from

A team of Danish scientists reported that stem-cells can improve the survival of grafts and increase a range of reconstructive procedures including breast surgery.

Stem cells are a form of generic cell that are able to become specialised cells such as those that make up particular organs. They are valued due to their longevity, self-replication and ability to differentiate into specialist cells. Adult stem cells can be found throughout the body and are used to repair damaged tissue or replace cells that have died.

Lipofilling is often used in plastic surgery to replace lost tissue due to surgery or congenital conditions. While the fat applied in the procedure can vary in absorption speeds by between 20-80%, stem cells were found to noticeably increase the amount of graft that successfully absorbs in the target area. The procedure could significantly reduce the number of procedures a patient has to undertake.

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