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Superman Fan Uses Plastic Surgery To Look Like Idol

Mark Kohout - Saturday, November 23, 2013

Herbert Chavez, a dressmaker from the Philippines, has undergone 19 cosmetic procedures to look like Superman.

The quietly spoken dress marker has had the work done over 16 years, including nose jobs, lip surgery, jaw surgery, chest, stomach and thigh implants and skin whitening.

Chavez based his Superman looks on the version played by Christopher Reeve in the 1980s.

Chavez said that it wasn't easy looking like a Superhero. He feels the expectations of others and has undergone a range of maintenance procedures to keep up his appearance.

The surgery has cost him over 300,000 pesos, a large expense given that most workers in the country earn just 90 pesos per hour.

However, Chavez now has a deal with his surgeon, under which he receives free surgery in exchange for publicising the clinic.

Chavez was acknowledged in 2013 as having the world's largest collection of Superman memorabilia, totaling 1253 items including dolls and posters. Chavez said his collection is actually nearly 5000 items.

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