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Surgical Taboo

Mark Kohout - Wednesday, October 09, 2013
Despite the fact that surgical enhancements are the most commonly sought after procedures in the world, plastic surgery is still a taboo subject – especially amongst women. Society puts pressure on individuals to look their best and to age gracefully and derides anyone who admits to having had a cosmetic procedure. Critics of plastic surgery have said that the only valid reason to go under the knife is for non elective surgeries. Because of this, clinics now often operate in exotic locations – any changes in appearance can then be explained by the relaxing holiday. According to Catherine Ford from, one patient replied when asked why she had had plastic surgery that she was allowed to do what she wanted with her body and did not need to justify her actions to anyone. Asking a woman if she has had cosmetic surgery is not recommended. Unless the information is volunteered, just carry on as though you haven’t noticed the change in appearance. [Source]
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