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Teen Advised To Get Plastic Surgery

Mark Kohout - Saturday, November 09, 2013

A teenager in Hong Kong was advised to get plastic surgery while competing on a talent show, according to

Shimali De Silva, a 14 year old, described phoning her mother in tears from a toilet in a doctor's clinic after a doctor proposed major changes to alter her appearance.

Shimali had won the Hong Kong leg of a K-Pop talent hunt. She was chosen along with 15 finalists and flown to Seoul, where the production company promised them a surprise.

The surprised ending up being a consultation with a plastic surgeon, who told Shimali she looked 30 rather than 14.

He said the curvature of her forehead and the ratio of her nose to her chin could all be improved.

Shimali's mother was appalled by the surgeon's comments.

She said that she had always taught her children to be proud of who they are and focus on their actions rather than their appearance.

Shimali was eliminated from the competition but does not think her opposition to surgery played a part.

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