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The Dangers of Corporate Medicine For Plastic Surgery

Mark Kohout - Saturday, November 09, 2013

Plastic surgeons following a corporate model may compromise patient wellbeing, according to

The corporate model encourages surgeons to exaggerate potential results, endorse products based on commercial deals rather than inherent quality and oversell notions such as innovation and superiority.

However, plastic surgery should not be sold as a commodity as it is a uniquely individual service.

While gadgets and trademarked labels will come and go, surgical skill remains the most important factor and patient safety and awareness should take precedence over marketing.

In the corporate model, patients may be advised to undergo surgery before even meeting their plastic surgeon. Non-medical executives can have undue influence over the patient's decision and violate the important patient-doctor relationship.

When doctors align with corporate entities, they should be aware that that are embracing its business practices. They need to ensure that these practices don't disregard medical ethics and patient welfare.

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