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The Top Five Cosmetic Surgery Mistakes

Mark Kohout - Monday, August 19, 2013
Dr Robert M Tornambe, MD, FACS, listed the five most common plastic surgery mistakes. In his 20 years as a cosmetic surgeon, Dr Tornambe has consulted with and operated on a number of celebrities. Some he turned away because their expectations were unrealistic. The five worst mistakes people make when getting plastic surgery are as follows: Oversized Implants Big breast implants can have major complications mostly due to sagging tissue and the associated skin stretching. Over-enthusiastic Nose Jobs Our natural noses have limits. Pushing your surgeon too far will result in an unnatural nose, à la Michael or LaToya Jackson. Too Much, Too Soon Small changes made often are more natural than big changes made all at once. Too Tight Facelifts Overly tight facelifts result in unnatural expressions. Mickey Rourke’s is a prime example of a ‘facelift gone wrong’. Too Much Filler Face-filling techniques fill out lines but too full can lead to “trout pout” lips and distorted features. Madonna is a case in point.
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