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Three Things a Plastic Surgeon Can't Help You With

Mark Kohout - Tuesday, November 05, 2013

According to, despite major advances in cosmetic surgery, there are some patient requests a surgeon still can't help with.

Shoulder width

It's impossible to reduce the size of the shoulders as they're constrained by skeletal and muscular factors. Patients are advised to alter other parts of their body if they feel their shoulders are out of proportion.

People with collar-bone fractures do undergo surgery that alters shoulder width but this can also cause physical impairment. The procedure is not advisable for purely cosmetic changes.

Eye distance

The distance between the eyes is very difficult to alter.

It involves cutting the eye sockets with a saw and shifting them before stabilising with screws and plates. This surgery is reserved for people who have suffered major facial injuries, birth defects or disfigurements due to tumours.

Penis enlargement

It is not easy to surgically enlarge a penis. While an inch or so can be added with an incision at the base, this also results in the penis erecting downwards instead of rising. Girth adding fillers can cause serious health problems.

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