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Turn that Frown Upside Down with Smile Surgery

Mark Kohout - Thursday, October 03, 2013
Smiles can be a useful business tool for young professionals and surgeons in South Korea have found that there is a growing trend for men and women in Seoul are opting to have smile surgery. Also called Valentine Anguloplasty, the lips edges are altered when the heart-shaped muscles are removed, causing the mouth to naturally smile – all the time. For this reason critics have likened the results to the Joker from Batman, yet if anything the negative attention has only strengthened the trend. Popular with the 20-30 age bracket, employee’s from public and customer service based roles say that having a natural smile is an essential asset and are happy to pay the $2000 price surgery price tag to cement their professional future. Dr Cha Seung-youn said that around 15 different lip surgeries are available. He said, “Your eyes and mouth make up the most of your facial expression.” [Source]
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