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What is a Liquid Facelift?

Mark Kohout - Saturday, August 24, 2013
If you have ever wanted to get a facelift but have been scared of the surgical aspects, a liquid facelift could be the answer you are looking for. A “liquid facelift” is a non-surgical injection of dermal fillers that refreshes the face, according to Dr Monica Bonakdar, MD. Dr Bonakdar uses a combination of Botox and other fillers for her Huntingdon Beach and Newport Beach patients. The procedure operates in three facial areas: Eyes Crow’s feet around the upper and lower eyelids can be filled out with Botox. Deeper lines can be ‘plumped’ up with a filler. Botox also does away with the ‘number 11’ scowl line between the eyebrows. Mouth Fillers can smooth away those ageing ‘marionette’ and ‘parentheses’ lines around the mouth. They also lift away a drooping nasal-labial line. Cheeks Gaunt and hollow cheeks look can be filled out with a process that targets the area between the jaw line and the temple. Dr Bonakdar uses a filler that stimulates the skin’s own collagen production in a biological process that takes several months.
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