How to Tell if You Need a Breast Lift 

Are your breasts droopy? Do you have a zeal to regain the perkiness of your breast? Maybe, a Breast Lift is what you need. Breast Lift, also known as Mastopexy, reshapes the breast, by tightening the adjacent tissues, and removing excess skin from the new breast outline. Some of the women whose breasts have drooped, joke about being able to put their breasts in their pants. But, most of the time, this is not the case. Basically, women are the biggest critics of their body, every pound they shed or gain, they are acknowledged about that. They are well acknowledged about their cup size, and they very well know when they lose the vigor of their breast from their teen years. Based on your measurements, Plastic Surgeons determine whether or not a breast lift is needed. Now, you can take the measurements too. Don’t worry, you don’t need a surgical degree to determine the measurements. You just need a tape to measure your breasts.

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Measurement Instructions

For measurement, locating your sternal notch is important. Sternal Notch is the hollow thing; you will notice at the back of your neck. It lies exactly in the middle of your two collar bones.

Now, place the  0’ of the tape at the sternal notch located, and then measure the distance up to your nipple. While measuring the distance, you have to place the tape diagonally from the sternal notch to the nipple.

Repeat this step again for the other breast.

May be, your measurements for the two breasts will exactly not be the same. Don’t worry, because asymmetries in the breast are quite normal.

How to Deduce Your Measurements?

You have gone through the hardest part, the measurement part. Now, to deduce your measurements is pretty easy, and this will actually help you deduce that if a breast lift is needed or not. The two most important observation which you need to do from the measurements are-:

The distance between the nipples and the sternal notch.

The location of your breast tissue, top vs bottom.


Deducing the Measurements

If the distance between your sternal notch and your breasts are less than or equal to 21 centimeters, and given that, your breasts are not bulging towards the bottom, a breast lift is not needed. However, if you need a larger breast, then you can always go through breast augmentation.

A distance less than 21 cm, and a drooping or baggy breast, you have a necessity for Breast Lift. Now, while breast lift while position your breast normally, a breast implant can give you a bigger breast.

If the measurements suggest that the distance is greater than 21 cm’s and around 22 or 23 cm, and if your areola and the nipple, are exactly in the right position, and your breast are not drooping, you do not have the necessity for a breast lift. While, if your nipples are directed towards the floor, and is in the bottom of your breast, a breast lift is needed, to get back the perkiness of your breast.

If the distances are greater than 24 cm, you have a necessity of a breast lift, and contacting a Plastic surgeon like Dr. Kohout will help you. A breast lift, help regain the perfect body shape of women. It restores a firmer and a perkier breast, which helps to fit bras and swimsuits more effectively.

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