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Facial Implants

Facial implants are now a popular cosmetic procedure and almost any part of the face can be cosmetically enhanced by implants. Many young people seek facial enhancement because they add definition and character to their face, while mature people combine implant surgery with other facial surgery. A chin implant can enhance the effect of a facelift by strengthening the definition of the jawline or cheek implants may add definition to the upper face in combination with a browlift or eyelid surgery.

We use Medpor implants for chin augmentation almost exclusively because it fixes firmly to the underlying bone and makes the implant virtually indistinguishable from your own bone. Chin implants are popular with men who want to achieve a stronger, more masculine look, while women usually opt for this type of surgery to balance their facial features.

Dr. Kohout uses nasal implants to improve the definition and height of the nasal bridge. Implants give more height to a nose, which appears to be flat or sunken. This procedure is particularly popular with Oriental patients who sometimes seek correction of the flatness across the bridge of the nose or who want more definition in the main body of the nose.

Cheek implants, which are placed over the cheekbone, are a popular procedure. Cheek implants, perhaps more than any other implant, can produce subtle or dramatic changes to facial appearance, depending on the size of the implant. High cheekbones are deemed to be desirable and cheek implants give prominence and add strength and character to the face.

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