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Liposoft is a significant advancement over traditional liposuction techniques, greatly improving patient safety and comfort, and providing the surgeon significantly greater control over the result.

Liposoft uses a fine jet of water to gently dislodge fat globules for suction. The smooth pulsed water beam is strong enough to loosen fat for suction but soft enough to spare blood vessels and nerves, significantly improving patient safety. By reducing the damage to tissue structures, recovery times are also shortened, with minimal bruising and discomfort for the patient.

With Liposoft, the need to swell the treatment area with fluid is avoided, reducing patient discomfort and minimising the post-op drainage that occurs with traditional forms of liposuction.

Also, because the treatment area isn't deformed by the swelling, the surgeon can check the natural form and contours of the body and assess the result throughout the procedure. Working with this level of precision even the smallest unevenness can be detected, largely reducing the correction procedures that are often required after traditional techniques.

Liposuction continues to be the gold standard in body shaping, offering a permanent result usually in a single procedure. Liposoft takes the gold standard to the next level, combining precise body-contouring with faster recovery times and greater comfort and safety for the patient. To see how Liposoft compares to other liposuction procedures, Click Here.

Liposculpture $4,900 1 Area
$6,500 2 Areas
$7,900-11, 000 3 Areas
$9,900-15,000 4 Areas

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