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Permanent Fillers

S4 Drugs are used in these procedures, therefore they cannot be mentioned by name on this website. For further information please contact our surgery on?1300 551 151.

Permanent Filler, Aquamid
Is a new injectable product, which gives permanent tissue augmentation without the need for surgery. It can be used for permanent lip augmentation and permanent correction of deep facial lines, such as cheek folds and lines around the mouth.

Lip Augmentation
The lips are perhaps the most sensuous of the facial features. No wonder then that full lips are considered attractive and even desirable. Some people ask for improved definition of the lip border, while others prefer to have a fuller, more luscious lip. Either way, the lip gets more definition and balance.

Enhancing lip fullness is a common procedure and many people around you will have had some sort of lip augmentation. The most common method of lip enhancement is an injection with a semi-permanent dermal filler. These produce excellent results and because they can be done in the office, there is no downtime and you can return to work or leisure right away.

Permanent lip augmentation with Aquamid is popular and is commonly undertaken by those who have tried temporary filler injections and liked the lip fullness this achieves. This method is safe, predictable and gives excellent, long-lasting results.

The new permanent filler combines the ease of injectable lip augmentation with the permanent effects of surgery. The preparation is injected into the lip under local anaesthetic and is 'topped up' two weeks later. And because it is 98.5% water, it feels and looks soft and natural.

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