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Thigh Lift

The inner aspects of the thighs may develop loose skin and unsightly folds and bulges. This usually happens if you have generally thin and non elastic skin. The loose skin is often combined with excess of fatty tissue and the result can be a sagging bulge leading to chaffing in the inner thigh area, rashes and discomfort while walking or running. Although it is sometimes possible to correct this problem with liposculpture alone, more often than not, skin has to be excised along with the fatty deposits to achieve a good result. This is particularly true in middle-aged people, whose skin is not as elastic as in youth.

Similar problems are sometimes seen after liposculpture of the thigh, when the removal of excess skin is not compensated for by skin retraction. The result is unsightly folds and dimpling of the thigh skin, which may in fact be worse than the original look.

The correction of the loose inner thigh requires a combination of liposculpture and skin excision. The result is a firm, smooth thigh profile with the operative scars hidden in the natural crease at he top of the inner thigh.

Thigh Reduction/ Lift $8,900 This price assumes top hospital cover with a private fund. If fund cover does not apply in your situation, plan for additional costs of around $5,000

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